Monday, December 11, 2006

year in review

Explanation. I got it from Tall L - you take the title of the first post in each month of the year and call it a year in review. I've taken the extra step of including links to the posts. 'Cause, well, why not.

Here's my year:

her first christmas () aww () praia () bacalhau () shoulders () asthma (omg) quarters () heat () is it true??? () portrait () netflix () question ()

Frankly, most of the actual posts are kind of boring - my ordinary sparkling wit and delightful charm must go through some kind of first-of-the-month slump, it's the only possible explanation - but it was still fun to look back.


I Blog, You Blog said...

You win for all the linkyness... Me? I was happy to find all the post titles in some not-painful way. heh. :D

BASSO said...
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BASSO said... spelling counts, at least when I can catch it. This typo made a difference. Anyway, great year, great people, I enjoyed it! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!