Saturday, July 01, 2006


The two teams I care about are out of the World Cup.

This morning was England: stupid freaking Rooney went and got himself a red card, which he completely deserved - I think it's fair to throw a player out when he stomps on an opposing player's crotch - and England had to finish the match with 10 men to Portugal's 11. Stupid freaking Rooney. And when it came down to the penalty kick shootout at the end, they didn't have Beckham (soooo prettyyyyy - oh, and good at soccer) because he was injured earlier in the game and had to be subbed out.

Then this afternoon I went to a bar downtown to watch Brazil lose to France 1-0. Sigh. France played better. Sigh. But I really wanted Brazil to win. But apparently my wishes do not matter to the soccer gods. Blast you, soccer gods!

It's an all-European competition now, with Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal still in it. I guess I'll root for Germany now. I do like that Podolski kid....

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