Monday, May 01, 2006


Since the whole restaurant week thing has taken off, apparently now everybody feels like they have to have a week. A little while ago was D.C. Spa Week, and now it's D.C. Yoga Week. I've been thinking for a while that yoga might help with my dreadful headaches - I believe they're caused by the tensest shoulders and neck in the WORLD, and it seems like yoga should help with that. So today at lunchtime I went to a yoga class at the studio around the corner. And my shoulders? Are killing me. They're like, excuse me, you're going to neglect us for years on end and then stretch the heck out of us? Nuhh-uh. I'm hoping this feeling will go away, converting me overnight into a magical, relaxed, headache-free person who can do the downward-facing dog pose without her legs going into full rebellion. But I'm probably just stuck with me.

Oh well. If the yoga campaign doesn't work, I think it's time to start spending money on massages. (Shoulda tried out Spa Week - oops.)


J.Po said...

Massages. Yay. I know someone who does a skill trade: one dance lesson for every massage. She does it weekly. Maybe you could trade with writing stories or editing. Perhaps one journal edit for every massage?

towwas said...

Ooh, interesting. Although if I were actually coordinated enough to pitch freelance stories to the local freebie rag, I could buy two massages for every story.