Sunday, April 30, 2006

bike ride

I'm going to emulate J.Bro here and blog about a bike ride. Except, see, my bike-riding is a little less hard-core. This afternoon's ride was the second time I'd been on my bike in the last, oh, two or three years, and it was about 15 miles, took 2 1/2 hours, and included my parents. My dad's a totally tough cyclist, but my mom had trouble figuring out how to get her helmet on.

Seriously, how cute are my parents? They have a tandem. That's just ridiculous. Our route today went past a lot of playgrounds, and they are like the pied piper of small children. Funniest comment: these two kids were both trying to ride one little bike, with limited success. My parents ride by. And one kid tells the other: "We shoulda got one of those bikes, Adrian!"

The dumbest thing I saw all day: a kid riding a big wheel...with a motor. Right. Because your little punk kid apparently doesn't need exercise.

Coolest thing I saw today: people playing cricket. I'd actually been by there before when people were playing cricket, but today I discovered that there's a sign proclaiming this to be a real, live, local-authority-sanctioned cricket field.


miss shirley said...

It was such a nice day for a bike ride! I spent the bulk of the day playing blocks and trains. That was good too.

Sophist said...

Oooh, cricket, were they wearing all the little white outfits?

It was a good weekend all around for bike riding!!!!!

towwas said...

Yep - if you look closely at the picture, there's a whole bunch of dudes in white.