Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I thought I'd burned my nose this afternoon when I made the mistake of breathing through it while I was outside. It's that kind of day. But here's the dumbest thing about hot weather: the heat index. At 1:30 this afternoon, the Washington Post's weather page said

Temperature: 93F/33C
RealFeel: 107F/41C

I think this whole heat index thing is just a ridiculous way to be self-aggrandizingly dramatic about the heat - like you can brag/complain to your relatives who live in cooler climates that it feels like 107!! No, it does not. It feels like 93 and really freaking humid, which is to say, it feels awful.

The high today was 99 - I'm curious whether we're going to get the 100+ temperatures they've been warning of.


Coloradan said...

I agree about the heat index. I mean, at what humidity does 93 feel like 93? At 10% humidity, does 107 feel like a cool 100?

grrrbear said...

As someone who's been living with (read: suffering miserably through) 100+ degree weather for the last week or so - it's overrated.

High tomorrow here of only 80 though. I'm so excited I might pee myself.

Annette said...

it sounds horrible no matter what. I am supposing that the heat index might be useful for old people / heat-stroke people who are very vulnerable to be aware that even if it's "only" 92 degrees, your body will respond as though it's 102? or something like that? Or maybe it is all self-aggrandizement!