Saturday, April 01, 2006


When I lived in Norway, I had a choir friend who was from the Lofoten Islands, way up north. I went to visit her just before I left Norway in '98. Because if there is one thing you do not say to a member of the TOWWAS family, it is "I live in [exotic location] - you should come visit sometime." There are pretty much two industries in Lofoten: tourism and cod. We combined the two because, at the time of year I was there, it is impossible to tour the islands without seeing - and, often, smelling - giant racks of drying cod. She told me they ship most of it to Portugal for bacalhau. Well, apparently it makes its way to this side of the Atlantic, too. Here's a picture from a market in São Paulo. What an excellent job this picture does of combining two different vacations!


BASSO said...

...and, of course, that would make perfect sense, given the whole Portugese thing..but my REALLY big martini is taking effect and I really have to stop now. I was going to say something funny but I forgot what it was. Did I tell you I was a grandfather for the FIFTH, count them, FIFTH time? See blog. Kat was born today!

BASSO said...

Don't forget to set your clocks back, or is it forward?, oh, yes FORWARD. I will.