Sunday, April 02, 2006


I feel I should finish posting pictures from Brazil before I start posting pictures from Hawaii. (I leave on Wednesday!) So here's a picture of a totally cool apartment building where I totally want to live, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Apparently, despite the national Niemeyer-worship, rents for this building are really low because no one wants to live downtown. Brasileira wouldn't even let me go downtown by myself - I had to wait til Sunday when Brasileiro could go with me. I guess they figured I would get robbed. Which would be a bummer, I agree, but I was still kind of resentful.

From right to left, Brasileiro, Brasileiro's random American friend "Butch" - they knew each other when Brasileiro was in college in Michigan, and Butch's name is, in fact, Butch - and Butch's Brazilian wife, whose name I never quite caught. They were in town for the weekend, so they came with us for Sunday downtown sightseeing.

One of the neighborhoods we went to that afternoon was Liberdade, the Japanese neighborhood. So here's another picture to link my world travels: a yakisoba truck. (Apparently you write it with two s's in Portuguese.) Yakisoba is Japanese festival food - buckwheat noodles stir-fried with mysterious vegetable-like materials.

I got kind of grouchy and hot and tired when we were sightseeing, so imagine how happy I was to cap the afternoon with this caipirinha. The classic caipirinha is made with lime and cacha├ža, a very strong liquor made from sugar cane. And it's a tasty drink. But Brasileira introduced me to the wonderful world of caipirinhas made with sake and random fruit. Note that, in addition to fruit I did not peel myself, there is also ice in this drink. I'm breaking all the rules. Don't tell my mom.


BASSO said...

...alcohol saved you ... don't drink the ice EVER!!!! Unless it is heavily covered in booze, then OK, go for it. I am so jealous of you going to Hawaii too ... U2? No U2 -- i think they cancelled, but are they back on? Bono hates Italy now, so maybe he will do hawaii?

towwas said...

I drank a lot of fruit juice with ice, too. Shhh - don't tell my mom.

Yeah, still no U2 in Hawaii. Thanks for reminding me, Basso. [sniff]

J-Vo said...

What I would be more worried about is that the drink looks like garbage floating in water. Did it come straight out of the Amazon? :)

J.Bro said...

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Niemeyer weiner...

Sorry I'm not more clever.