Tuesday, April 04, 2006

more niemeyer

The last day I was there, my flight wasn't until almost midnight, so Brasileira and I hung out during the day. We went to a mall so I could do my last-minute clothes shopping. She was soooo happy I wanted to buy a bikini. We went to her favorite bikini store. I was like, I don't know if I really want one, they show so much in the back. So she took me to the shop girl and said (I can understand enough Portuguese to get this): "This is my friend. She's American, so she needs a bikini that's a little bigger in the back." And they found me one! It's totally cute. I can't wait to wear it in Hawaii and amaze people with my whiteness.

We also went to this cool park with many Niemeyer-designed features - this is the entrance to a concert hall. (Hey, look, I'm in this picture!) The big red thing floats out into a canopy.

This plaza connects the concert hall, a small modern art museum, and the Oca, which I am embarrassed to admit I took no pictures of - embarrassed because it's clearly the coolest of the little group. So humor me and follow this link (it's in English - scroll down to "Oca"). Oscar Niemeyer was the architect they called in the '50s when they decided they wanted a modern capital in the middle of nowhere - he designed Brasilia, where I'd love to go sometime.

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