Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes, that's right: it's a picture from the blogcon '06 series. From top left, clockwise: no-longer-blogger H.Bro, a-post-a-day IBYB, dormant blogger Miss Shirley, me, and claims-she-has-nothing-to-blog-about G-Dog.

We all had dinner tonight before our respective rehearsals. And yes, we do all live in the same general area, but Miss Shirley and G-Dog had never met H.Bro.

I wonder what the people in the restaurant thought of us all standing in a circle taking pictures of our feet?


J.Bro said...

Wait - am I related to this H.Bro? I can't imagine how I wouldn't be, what with the same last name and all. Does she remember great-grandma Josie?

towwas said...

If he had one, I'm sure he'd remember her. He's a remembering kinda guy.

Talentedhands said...

Sigh. My feet wanna hang out with all your feet. At least I got to hang with GDog before she went to dinner with y'all, so it's just one degree of separation.

BASSO said...

Actually, it was TOWWAS that made us brothers - blog brothers anyway - and no, I don't remember grandma Josie, but I'd have loved her if I did. We did have a good time last night, feet don't fail me now! I'm glad the Cathedral Choral Society didn't show up for the rumble, we barely had time to eat as it was. Next time, we meet at THREE!