Sunday, July 23, 2006

blogcon 06

Clockwise, from left: Miss Shirley, J.Bro, Spice, OleNelson, and me after a bloggy brunch. We had trouble remembering to call each other by our real names.


miss shirley said...

So fun! Thanks for entertaining some sleepy folk dancers bloggy peeps. Nice pic towwas.

grrrbear said...

Shame I couldn't have driven up to join you. But we'll have to do a re-creation at L.Le's wedding.

J.Bro said...

Not only did I have troubling remembering people's real names ("Spice, could you pass the....oops, sorry!"), I didn't even know Miss Shirley wasn't a Miss Shirley in real life!

It's awfully strange seeing my feet from that perspective.

Spice said...

I just realized how doofy the bandaids on my feet look - it turns out that combining sweat with metal in the summer turns me into one allergic gal. I haven't been wearing those sandals in the hope that the scabs from my itching will be gone by the wedding this weekend.

It was great to see everyone!