Sunday, March 12, 2006


Yknow, after something happens enough times, it ceases to become news. So this may be the last time I write about this topic: I sang another solo at church this morning! It's been a rapid transformation - in November, my choir director asked if I wanted a solo, and I said, well, uh, okayy, I'll try it, I guess.... And then it went really well. Then there was one at the Christmas Eve services in December. And another in January. Oh, and the one for the outreach performances of Our Christmas Show in December, that one was fun.

So on Thursday when the director called me at work and said, hey, [other choir member] is out of town this weekend, can you do 'It takes a village'? I was like, sure! I still get nervous, and I still have zero stage presence (he had to tell me to acknowledge the congregation when they were applauding at the end), but dang it, I can sing. The solo today was totally hard, all syncopated and stuff, and I didn't get it exactly right. Which is fine - the good thing about complicated rhythms is, if you mess up but still sound confident, nobody knows. Shhhhh. It's our little secret.


Sophist said...

Oh... my.... god... Scary. Solo!? Voice solo!?!?!?!! I feel so exposed playing piano solo, but I always thought my ultimate nightmare would be singing solo. That's really baring yourself. I'm very impressed that you have the guts and the voice to do it!!

towwas said...

Yeah - it's really personal. That's why at church I stare at my music and avoid looking at the couple hundred people in front of me. And when I did The Christmas Show one, I was in costume, so it wasn't really me, see?