Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today the weather did as predicted: sunny, in the 70s, perfect. L.Tall and I met up for a very laid-back afternoon. We had mango margaritas and lunch outdoors (first picture), then a stroll past the capitol (flowers on the grounds of the Library of Congress, second picture) to the Mall, where about fifty bazillion people were playing frisbee, walking dogs, and generally lounging about. So we sat down on a bench in front of the Indian museum and...conked out (third picture). We both napped for about 45 minutes, then L. threw in the towel and went home to nap horizontally. Apparently she'd had a late night. Good times.

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I Blog, You Blog said...

Mmm....melty mango margaritas! You won that competition...but I win for sleepiest friend. After nine blissful, horizontal hours in my bed last night, I'm a brand new woman! Woohoo!

I heart girlie time with TOWWAS!!! :)