Sunday, February 03, 2008


Is it just me, or is this one of the dumbest articles ever? I mean...seriously, there are people who don't realize that if you're making $47,000 a year, maybe you shouldn't be spending $300 a week on going out? Ok, obviously there are people who don't know this, because she writes about them.

But this quote is what really annoys me most about the story:
D.C. is also a town where networking is part necessity, part hobby. It's a town of lawyers, lobbyists and consultants, a town of power lunches, happy hours and party-hopping. There are people who make tons of money and people who make so-so money, and you don't want to be shut out of the social scene even if your salary is not up to par.

"It's a town where people want to fit in, so I think sometimes people will spend in order to fit in, and that might mean dining out a little too much or buying clothes that are a little too expensive," said Kim Reed, a financial planner with Garrett Planning Network in Chevy Chase. "It's a very prestigious town. . . . If you live here, you kind of get sucked into that."

I don't think I need to point out that that all this has basically nothing to do with my social life. Those stupid stereotypes about D.C. are so. infuriating. And it's particularly annoying when the big local newspaper, which I expect to have a more comprehensive view of the city, runs the same tired old stereotypes as if they're established fact.


random brother said...

"I don't think I need to point out that that all this has basically nothing to do with my social life."

All my illusions are shattered.

Coloradan said...

Wasn't I just power-lunching with you last week? I guess power is in the eye of the beholder...

Talentedhands said...

Boooooooooooooo for shallow stereotypes of the DC life! It makes us all sound like we're 20-somethings in strappy high heels and tight blouses drinking overpriced alcohol. Even when I WAS a 20-something in DC, I didn't do that crap! I don't need to buy my friends, so there. (Unless offering my talent to their shows is buying them, then yes, I do.)

towwas said...

Yes, it all depends on your definitions of "buy" and "power," doesn't it?