Monday, February 04, 2008

I see you

Saturday evening, before going to this restaurant with S.Ball and the Mr.S.Ball-to-be, I visited the American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery. They have a super-cool giant open gallery devoted to contemporary art, and I stopped in to visit this crazy thing.

It's a circle of floor-to-ceiling strings of tiny LEDs that light up to spell words, spiraling from ceiling to floor (and, I discovered, if you watch long enough, they switch and go from floor to ceiling, then right to left in a circle). It never says anything particularly profound, but it's really hard to take your eyes off of it. Because you always want to know what the next word is going to be. Even if it's never really all that interesting.


Talentedhands said...

OOOh, I wanna go see that exhibit. There's a piece by the same artist at the convention center, and I read an article about this new one. Cooool. Maybe Roxanne will dig it, too.

towwas said...

I think this would definitely be a hit with the preschool set. Fun with letters!