Monday, August 27, 2007

show us how you bungalow

This was my weekend:

Some of the young folks in the Christmas Show community performed at the renaissance festival this weekend. Once we got through our on-stage dress rehearsal in front of an audience on Saturday, the Sunday show was great! Also, it turns out that 90 degrees is really a whole lot more comfortable than 98 degrees. Especially if you are wearing a renaissance-y costume. (Mine was not bad at all, but there were people in velvet and leather.)

Anyway, this particular picture isn't of anything in the show - not very renaissancey, this dancing - but from sometime when we were waiting. Good times.


Spice said...

I'm glad the pic isn't actually from the show, because that guy in the middle (blue shirt, dockers) looks like a total doof!

(No offense to Mr. Dockers if he's reading this - I'm sure this all looked much better in costume!)

towwas said...

Yeah, he didn't do that dance in the show. It'd be pretty awesome if he did, though!

J-Vo said...

the post title reminds me of a song I learned at camp called "Let me see your Frankenstein."

Are they showing us their Frankenstein?

towwas said...

I would not be surprised if it's the same song. This one goes "Show us how you bungalow."