Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's official: Miss Shirley and I throw the best parties ever. Tonight we had the second in what we hope will be a long series of musical-singing parties. (The first was Les Miz.) This time the selection was Guys & Dolls, my favorite musical ever. EV-er. I sang Sergeant Sarah, Miss Shirley split Adelaide with her friend from work, other extraordinarily talented people sang other parts - it was great.

M1 graced us with his fabulous piano-playing again - after Les Miz, I told him, oh, Guys & Dolls will be so much easier, we have all the music for that one, no problem. Turns out, yeah, we *had* the music, but "Luck Be a Lady" modulates, like, 10 times, and some of the other pieces are written in freaking six flats, and - well, not any easier, it turns out. In fact, much more difficult than Les Miz, for which we had a simplified piano-vocal selections book.

It could be argued the chorus parts would have benefited from a little rehearsal. But at least S.Ha (who played Sky Masterson when we did the show at Our Alma Mater) taught us the chorus part to "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat," so we rocked that one.

I just wish Tall L and Basso could have been there for the singing. Tall L came early with the Monkey and stayed for dinner, but Basso's schedule allows for no gallivantin' these days. Sad.

Next up: Into the Woods, at T.Hand's house, we hope. I don't know Into the Woods, so I'm not so sure about this one, but people who know it seem to love it.


BASSO said...

You know it was sad to miss this. I bet it was wonderful.

miss shirley said...

So fun! I like G&D okay, but it has certainly been raised in my eyes after Sunday.

towwas said...

...Give him your hand today and save the first for after.

towwas said...

Ha ha. I meant "fist." I'm not sure what the "first" would be. Anyway, Miss Shirley and I sang the rockingest duet ever. "Marry the Man Today" - terrible advice, great song.

grrrbear said...

I have to admit something. THe only musicals that I attended at OAM was Chess, and...(sigh)...Sandmagic. But that last one was only for an assignment in my tech design class.

Never saw Into the Woods or Guys and Dolls.

I can only hope that ya'll can forgive me, but I'm just not a much of a musicals person.

towwas said...


I'm kind of insulted.

I don't think I saw Into the Woods, either - I'm not, strictly speaking, that much of a Sondheim fan. Actually, did they even do Into the Woods? I know they did Company, but I'm not so sure about Into the Woods.

Sandmagic. Ahhh - the memories.

Spice said...

They did Into the Woods - I house-managed it. And Chess. And I saw Guys and Dolls. And Company.

And now I'm wondering how I ended up with a longer list of musical-theater attendance than either the super-musical or the super-theatery commenters on this post.

However, I did _not_ see Sandmagic, so I think my dignity is still intact!

towwas said...

Maybe Into the Woods was when I was off campus, because I'm pretty sure I saw everything. (Including Sandmagic, yes.) The main thing I remember about Company was Swallowed My Flea's hilarious line, delivered at the end, at a very serious point in the show, but I giggled anyway, and I'm going to hell for it: "Add 'em up, Bobby. Add 'em up."

grrrbear said...

You stripped on stage?!? Which show was that?

One reason that I sometimes did miss shows was because either I was involved in another show the same weekend. I recall a few weekends where there were three shows (from the different production groups) on campus on the same weekend. I remember this because I was sometimes working on one show and couldn't see either of the others.

So if I did miss you stripping I guarantee it was probably because I was directing a show that weekend.

towwas said...

It was Guys & Dolls - the only show I was in at Our Alma Mater. I was a Hot Box Doll.