Tuesday, December 16, 2008

end of christmas

Sunday we wrapped up the Christmas show for the year. I was sadder than usual about it - I was bummed my dad couldn't make it to a performance, plus two of my kids are aging out of the children's chorus and they were both really sad. One was my first stage kid and the other was my stage kid this year.

The latter kid was excellent when I started crying during circle (someone told a sappy story, I'm a sucker, what can I say) and was dabbing at my eyes with my scarf. Rather than getting all sympathetic, which would have made the crying worse, he was like, hey, stop using your costume for that. And when I kept doing it, he was like, no, stop, you're going to get makeup on it. Thanks, fifth-grade boy! You scored much higher on that test than the average adult.

Having stage kids is the best. Unlike real kids, they don't require feeding or driving around. They pretty much just show up at circle and on stage, love you, and have other people who take care of their actual needs.


Dog said...

They grow up so fast... T-T

erin*carly said...

that's one thing that i really missed this year. :/