Tuesday, December 16, 2008


New adventures in unemployment! Since I'm now mostly at home during the day, I volunteered when someone in the building asked if anyone could check in on her post-surgery cats during the day. I figured, what the heck - I like her, and I like cats, even if they make me sick. It turns out to be kind of fun. The post-surgery cat is listless and doesn't really care if I pick her up and turn her over, which is good, since I'm supposed to be checking her staples. And the other cat is like, "OHMYGOD YOU HAVE HANDS YOU MUST USE THEM TO PET ME" which is kind of endearing. It's not a bad mid-afternoon break.

The friendly cat even makes me almost want a pet, although the cat hair that is all over me when I return to my apartment makes me reconsider. Also, there's the whole allergy thing.

Interesting fact: Post-surgery cat's health problem was more or less what my dad had last week.


erin*carly said...

cats are fun, from a distance. personally, i can't stand the kneading thing they do. ouch.

fish make good pets, and are easy to care for when life gets a little crazy. if you're looking for a pet, that is.

Jason said...

As strange as it sounds, I've heard rabbits are good pets for people who want a cat-like animal but have allergies. Plus, you get weird-pet cred, without having to be "that snake lady that lives upstairs - just listen for the Guns-n-Roses, that's her apartment"

Coloradan said...

Wait, is this TOWWAS who had an allergy attack when my dander-covered self rode in her car? Wouldn't-go-in-my-cat-infested-apartment-on-a-hot-Washington-day TOWWAS? WTF?

As a cat lover, I take umbrage with the suggestion that a rabbit could ever be an adequate substitute for a feline, but I'm sure Jason's heart is in the right place.

towwas said...

Yeah, Coloradan, I think you had a particularly potent cat. I only spend about five minutes in the apartment with these cats, I have a particular set of clothes I put on before I go over, and I wash my hands thoroughly as soon as I get back.