Sunday, December 03, 2006

christmas show

Yesterday afternoon I ran into T.Hand at a partay. For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with events in the Hand family, there's been a lot of hospital action with the new baby. So when I saw her, T. was filling up a plate of tasty-delicious food for Mr. Hand, who was hanging out at the hospital with Baby Hand. (Who is stable, by the way.) Anyway, the point of all this introductory material is that she demanded more Christmas show news. And that is something I can deliver.

This is today's rehearsal:

This is during the kids' set. They are *so* cute, but then they always are. My kid - I have a kid this year! - is the white-shirted blur in the too-tight loafers just right of center. On the way home Miss Shirley and I were talking about something the director had said, about how it's easy to pick up on the annoyed energy of the people around you. Me? I was around a bundle of eight-year-old delight who is sooo happy to be in her first Revels.

Tomorrow night we're in the theater! Ack! And I'm already tired and sore-throated!

If you're planning on coming to the show, here's a useful guide by Z.Dog, my very own husband. (Fictional.) UPDATE to his info, Tues. a.m.: After a night in the theater, I now know that there is no Starbucks in the Marvin Center. There's probably one around there somewhere, though. There's always a Starbucks somewhere.


Coloradan said...

I heard a story about your show on WETA this morning, and was impressed that I knew someone in such a buzz-worthy production.

Talentedhands said...

THANK YOU for the Revels updates. It's great to think about other things than medical crap. And the photos on Flicker were super cool.

The fact that you call us the Hand family is mighty amusing, especially considering that Dan has huge hands.

Tell the bossy choral wench that I've been stuck in a hospital for over a week, honing my bitch skills, so if she gives you a hard time, I'm gonna break a shaker chair over her head.

towwas said...

Thanks, T.!! Another alto who has also honed her bitch skills says she has a bat and a bag at the ready. :)