Monday, October 20, 2008


Yeah, I'm liking this digital TV over the air. I still have to go to someone else's house for Project Runway, but not only do I get Universal Sports, I also get Create. Twenty-four hours a day of commercial-free cooking, knitting, crocheting, quilting, painting...thanks, PBS! This is one of eight public TV channels I get now - WETA has four, MPT has three, and WHUT has one.

I realize that there are cable channels about food and whatnot, but I've never heard of a knitting channel. Anyway, if there was one, it would be 50% commercials and would include a reality show in which young women with underdeveloped social skills live in a house together and try to impress the judges with the improvement in their Fair Isle technique while drinking heavily and picking fights. I prefer the nice slow-talking southern ladies with limited changes in camera angle. Much easier to learn from.


Yappa said...

I've got into podcasting a little recently, and it turns out that just as porn fueled the internet, knitting has been a major driver of podcasting. Well, maybe not "just" the same way, as most podcasts are free, but the knitting-porn comparison was too good to pass up. ;-)

I learned about the popularity of knitting podcasts when I went to a podcamp (a sort of social internet alternative conference) and many of the contributers were knitters. It might sound funny at first to learn about knitting without visuals, but apparently knitters like to listen to people talking about knitting while they knit.

towwas said...

Oh! I assumed you were talking about video podcasting! Audio podcasts about knitting? Ha!