Sunday, October 19, 2008

crater lake: so pretty

There's not really, strictly speaking, all that much to *do* at Crater Lake, other than drive around and talk about how pretty it is. So that's what Kay Ray and I did. We stopped at almost every scenic overlook on the road that goes around the rim. That thing everyone says about Crater Lake, about how it's really pretty? That thing is true. Behold.

My first view of the lake:

Check it out, snow:

Freakishly pretty, see?

I think they were closing a bunch of roads the next day for the season. There weren't many people there, although this car kept following us:

Kay Ray figured out how we could take a picture of our feet with the lake. Note that I had changed into my hard-core hiking boots for this 1/2 mile walk, because dang it, I had carried them all the way to Oregon and they were going to get some use:

I was amused by these preparations for the winter. I'm familiar with the poles at the side of the road, I assume to guide the plow, but this was the first time I'd seen a bathroom with its own snow shed entrance thing.


J.Bro said...

It scares me that the snow poles are 25' tall.

The lake is stunning indeed, though!

miss shirley said...

Wow, amazing. I loved the Whaling Museum gift shop but there were no views like that in New Bedford.