Friday, October 17, 2008

digital TV

Yeah, this free digital TV thing - it's pretty sweet. The local NBC affiliate recently added Universal Sports as their third channel. I *love* random sports channels. I just watched the men's team sprint at the world track cycling finals, and now they're covering the swimming world cup. I only wish they'd added this channel before the Olympics.

Oh, wait. I take it back. Now they're showing women's beach volleyball. Curse you, NBC!


J.Bro said...

This may be the final straw - we've been thinking about cancelling our cable for a couple months now. I can't watch track cycling anywhere on the 900-odd channels we pay for, but it's coming across the air for free? Time-Warner is losing our business very soon.

towwas said...

I'm not gonna guarantee you track cycling 24-7, but I bet you can check the Universal Sports website for schedules (and find out if your local NBC affiliate is offering it).