Friday, August 22, 2008

olympic mysteries

In platform diving, some of the dives start with a handstand on the edge of the platform. Why do they call it an "armstand"?

What kind of crazy person ever decides it's a good idea to jump (or dive) off a platform, anyway? Especially from a handstand? I'm uneasy just watching them.

Why do the beach volleyball commentators act as if they're talking about an actual sport and not an excuse for men to watch women running around in bikinis?

How do relay swimmers know when to dive in?

Is the gray-haired track and field commentator wearing major eye makeup or what?


grrrbear said...

Ah, ah,'s an excuse for men to watch women running around in bikinis *while* being cheered on by teams of cheerleaders in miniskirts.

Let's be clear, at least. =)

Yappa said...

I was watching the summer O in German (long story, but the salient point is I don't speak German) so I was often confused. However I did notice that the handstand dives were rated lower difficulty than the upstanding take-offs. One I saw was rated 3.0 difficulty while most of the others seemed to be 3.4.

An interesting note about German commentators: They say "oo-la-la" a lot. Who knew?

towwas said...

Cousin Y, that is a most excellent fact about German commentators.