Saturday, August 23, 2008

bed, breakfast, and logorrhea

Miss Shirley and I stayed at a pleasant little B&B in Vermont - a friend of the housewarmee runs it, just two bedrooms above her house. Breakfast included these blueberries and some awesome bacon. I love blueberries. And bacon. I could eat them every day.

Breakfast also included the guests in the other room, who turned out to be a woman in her early 20s and her mother. The mother could not. stop. talking. She told us about everything - from the time when she lived on the West Coast to the attitudes of the people in the town where they live to the daughter's experience in the National Guard. And a whole lot of other stuff about the daughter. Who was right there, and has to be the most patient person on earth. I checked out of the conversation when I caught on that the woman was 100% output. No taking information in. Only dispensing. (Miss Shirley is more polite than I am.)

The one thing that saved us: our breakfast started half an hour before theirs, so we escaped after about 15 minutes of monologue.


grrrbear said...

OMG I can't stand those constant-talk people. So aggravating.

grrrbear said...
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J.Bro said...

This is precisely why I hate bed and breakfasts. I always seem to get stuck with overtalkers or awkward non-talkers. Either way, breakfast is annoying.

Anonymous said...

So B&B stands for Blueberries and Bacon?

Sara S.