Thursday, August 21, 2008

house, warmed

Bet you thought I was done blogging my trip to New England. HAHAHA. Like I would be done with a four-day trip a mere three weeks after it started.

The inspiration for this trip was sometime in July, when I was at a Norwegian dance party in my neighborhood complaining to a friend who's moved away about the trouble I was having at work. (Note to everyone I know: sorry about all the complaining. It might be getting better.) And she said the obvious remedy to that was to come to her housewarming in Vermont in August. So here's the inside of her beautiful house:

We warmed it well - the fiddler from here flew up, there was dancing, it was great.

The best thing was the food. This party was full of the kind of people who make their own venison sausage (mmm). I tried pie made from wild blueberries picked that morning, a beautiful, beautiful ham, and lots of salads involving cucumbers. I met a teenager who's into revolutionary war reenactments (he "carries a musket" for some group or other) and someone who runs a Swedish-style weaving school in Massachusetts. Good times.


J.Bro said...

Is that really a house? Can I live there please? And carry a musket for someone (something?)?

towwas said...

It's really a house! And it is sooo beautiful - that's the top floor, open, with a chimney in the middle and the top of the stairs down. It's on a hillside so you come in at that level, then there's decks and steps down to a stream and a pond (suitable for swimming on days when it is not raining). And lots of trees everywhere. SO beautiful.