Wednesday, August 20, 2008

funny olympics blog

If you are not a regular reader of Sophist and WoR's blog, you might not be aware of the existence of the funniest blog ever: All Night Olympics. It's this guy in Ireland who sits up all night watching the Olympics and writing things like this:
02:14: The voice describing the BMX is confused by the colours sported by an Italian rider. Mysteriously, he is kitted out in the very hues of his nation’s flag, green, white and red. BMX Man expected him to be wearing the blue traditionally sported by the Italian national football team. No, BMX Man, if he were any good at football, he wouldn’t be riding a child’s bicycle over a series of speed bumps.
and this:
03:08: Taekwondo. The analyst keeps referring to ‘the etiquette’ of the sport. Unlike in most areas of life, the etiquette does not preclude landing a hefty kick on someone else’s cranium.

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