Tuesday, July 15, 2008

that's not a hummingbird

My parents are in Colorado right now - in summer they like to rent a house out there for a couple of weeks so they can hang out, look at the mountains, and go for hikes. My dad always puts out a hummingbird feeder and a birdseed feeder so he'll have pretty little flying things to look at. Only check out what came to the hummingbird feeder one evening last week:

That railing is attached to a deck on the second floor. Behold the pink tongue:

After this the bear successfully grabbed the feeder, crunched it up, and enjoyed some sugary treats. Then it came back to snuffle at the birdseed on the edge of the deck. My dad encouraged it to leave with the help of a pot, a big spoon, and some yelling, and also decided that he should maybe take the bird feeders in for a while.

How annoying is it that I have to work instead of going off and having adventures like that? Darn retirees with their fun.


J.Bro said...

Oh my god! Your parents survived the attack, I assume?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear it, Miss "I Spent my Vacation in Germany and Poland This Year"! (Those were this year's countries, right?) I haven't left the country in ten years! (Though I'm seriously eyeing a flute camp in Nova Scotia.)

But you're right -- must be fun being retired!