Tuesday, July 15, 2008

amateur media criticism

If I may? This story is stupid. I get it - green speed dating sounded like a good story. He saw an ad, he went to check it out. But when it turned out there were only 16 "or so" people, many of whom had driven there in Land Rover-like cars, it was time to declare the story dead. Or if not then, when he got back to the office and told his editor about it. It turned out to be a story about two boring things: speed dating and people who don't know what "green" means. I personally would be happy never to hear another speed dating story. (Seriously, how long has it been around? It's hardly news.)


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J.Bro said...

I'm so glad that pretentious I'm-totally-going-green folks can find love!

Seriously, we try to be pretty conscious of the choices we make in our house, our purchases, and our lifestyle, but I completely agree with this article's view of the environmental movement over the last year or two -


"Concern for the environment is, among other things, an upper-middle-class privilege and a status marker. Planet Green turns the entire Earth into a lifestyle accessory, often to uniquely awful effect."