Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ok, so, the concert? Amazing. Phenomenal. Fantastic. And I can say this as an audience member as much as a performer, really. Yeah, I was in the choir. But I was singing less than half the time (probably less than 10% of the time) and the rest of the time I got to sit back and watch the movie, backwards, on a giant screen above the conductor's head. Ok, when I wasn't frantically counting (forty-two, two three four five, forty-three, two three four five...) or fantasizing about the warmer clothes I'll wear tomorrow night.

Anyway, back to my point: Adding live music makes this pretty-great movie freaking amazing.

If tonight's audience is anything to judge by (sigh) there's a lot of tickets available for tomorrow night. I'm hoping it was partly the weather that kept the audience small. And, ok, there weren't that many of them, but they were *so* enthusiastic. It was great fun to perform for them.

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Random Brother said...

So, was there a soundtrack? How'd it work?