Thursday, May 22, 2008

I took a picture

We couldn't see the screen very well during the dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon, but that put us in good company with the conductor, whose little monitor kept dropping out. Our problem pretty much took care of itself when the sun went down, and apparently they fixed his monitor, too.

But it was a little worrisome when the string players' music stand lights flickered and went out during the performance. Orchestra musicians are union and they're super strict about their contracts. Toward the end of the dress rehearsal, when we had about five more minutes of music and the boy soprano hadn't sung his big final solo yet, the orchestra hit quitting time and stopped playing mid-phrase. I know they do this, but it's still kind of freaky when it happens. And when the lights flickered, I thought, what if playing without stand lights isn't in their contract? Are they going to walk off stage now?

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Ken said...

Another reason that I'm not a fan of unions in the work place.