Sunday, May 18, 2008

getcher half-price tickets right here

If any loyal readers are on the fence about coming to see this this week (Wednesday and Thursday at Wolf Trap), let me tempt you with this half-price ticket offer. The password is Frodo. Half price tickets, my friends.


Sarah E. Moffett said...

How do you have time to sing in a choir? Inquiring, and conflicted minds want to know.

towwas said...

How do I have time? Oh, I's just one night a week most of the time. This performance week we have two nights of rehearsal and two nights of performance, so three of those days I'm quietly leaving work a little on the early side, and the other day I'm taking vacation. And my fridge is well stocked with peanut butter and frozen food. And laundry can wait. And America's Next Top Model is over. And who needs sleep?