Sunday, May 18, 2008


S.Pfaff (formerly known as S.Kue, for the OAMers out there) had a baby April 23, so yesterday I went over to see them. P.Pfaff is out of town this weekend so this was her first substantial chunk of time alone with the baby, and I gather he was not making it easy. Of course he fell asleep the second I got there and I "helped" by holding him for two hours while he slept in perfect-baby mode. Yep. Real helpful, that's me. As soon as he woke up and started screaming, S.Pfaff got him back.

But golly he was cute. And she doesn't even read this blog, so you know I'm not lying. He started out in normal sleeping-baby position, then gradually squirmed himself until his feet and butt were squished down into the back corner of the seat behind me and his head was on my thigh. Seemed happy, though.

Fun fact, if I may be allowed to use a real name for a moment: they'd already planned to name him William *before* the C-section was scheduled for April 23, and had much trouble keeping their mouths shut when P.Pfaff's English professor mother joked, "So, are you going to name him after William Shakespeare?"

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J.Bro said...

I'm completely serious - apparently every single new mom worries that her baby is ugly, but that she's too blinded by love to see it.