Wednesday, May 14, 2008

embassy roof

Tonight I took a mini-vacation to Sweden with S.Ball and Mr. Ball-to-be. The Swedish embassy has great public programs - tonight it was a free concert by a Swedish big band. They played on the embassy's rooftop deck, people stood around and chatted, the Potomac was brown and flowing fast, the bar was well stocked (*two* kinds of aquavit!), a good time was had. All embassies should have this kind of programming.

The other day my aunt and uncle were greatly shocked when I told them how much I pay for my apartment. They live out in the middle of the country, and pointed out that I could be getting a three-bedroom house there. But...yeah, I think I'd rather be here.


J.Bro said...

Yeah, as much as I love our giant house in the middle of the country, we ain't going to no embassies or hearin' no rooftop bands anytime soon!

miss shirley said...

I want a giant house in the country...that is close to embassies and rooftop bands. Can someone make that happen please? Oh, good public schools would be nice too. Man, this home search stuff is hard. *whine*