Thursday, May 15, 2008

newfangled twittermacating

I know I keep saying I'm never going to take up [your new technology here] and then I give in and do it, but I really hope I never become a person who has to Twitter. In part because it's hard enough to keep up with my blog *and* maintain clever status messages in both gtalk and Facebook. But also because I'm sure I'd never be as amusing as Michelle. (You may know her because I keep linking to her hilarious blog.)


grrrbear said...

To be honest, I feel the same way about Facebook. It just feels like a lot of pressure to visit other people's pages and be witty and I barely have enough time to do that on blogs these days.

towwas said...

Eh, there's not *that* much wittiness on Facebook. By appearing only occasionally, you could greatly increase the wittiness quotient. Your Facebook fan club has 16 members now, btw - including one who didn't even go to OAM!