Sunday, March 30, 2008

poland to germany by sweat lodge

I took a night train from Krakow back to Berlin. Ok. I've taken night trains a few other times, and I have fond memories of the movement of the train rocking me to sleep and waking up more or less refreshed at my destination. We've already established that I disproportionately remember the good stuff, but I really thought I liked night trains.

Well, I was wrong. I had a couchette, so I was one in a compartment of six beds (five were occupied) and the heat was on and it was so. hot. It was really not comfortable. And everyone else seemed to be asleep, so I couldn't really open the window and make them all listen to the train noise. And when I left the door to the hallway cracked open a little, the guy in the bottom bunk would shut it. Thanks, dude.

The idea of the night train is to avoid giving up a day of sightseeing, but I basically ended up doing that anyway - I was so tired when I got to Berlin, I spent a lot of the day napping.

Anyone else? Experience with night trains? I swear I took a really lovely one once from Oslo to Stavanger in Norway, but that was in a compartment with just two beds and it was in summer, so, less scope for overheating.


Talentedhands said...

I've taken a few night trains, and they were mostly good experiences. The rocking and train noise were especially pleasant because I was already EXHAUSTED. But if the temperature had been opressive in that crowded compartment, bleh.

Random Brother said...

I actually slept well enough in coach on my train to and from Denver this week. Previously I'd had more trouble. I don't know if it's just random luck, or if I've finally just gotten used to it.

I wear earplugs, pull a hat down over my eyes (a hat which was a gift from a certain sister, in fact), bring a pillowcase that I can stuff my clothes into, and get a window seat so I have something to lean my head against.

Strangely, we got a sleeping compartment for a trip a few weeks ago, and I didn't sleep as well in it.