Saturday, March 29, 2008


Krakow's old town has about five million (give or take) adorable shops and galleries geared to tourists. For example:

This shop had a couple dozen giant glass vats of booze with all different flavors; you taste them, choose a bottle (from a cute selection), and get it filled. This was very cool. It would have surprised me even more if I hadn't been in a shop that worked on exactly the same principle 10 years ago in Nice. Apparently this is the kind of shop you put in heavily-touristed old towns. Anyway, lemme tell you, the honey-spice vodka is deeeeelicious.

Have you ever seen one of these shops? Are they everywhere? We don't have them in the U.S., do we?

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grrrbear said...

I'm not familiar with the concept, and don't recall seeing it in Germany when I was there this fall.

But then again maybe I didn't go to the high-tourist-ratio places when I was there and I just missed it.