Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ever since I saw the circus train go by a few weeks ago, I've had circus on the brain, so this year, for once, it actually stuck in my mind when I heard that the annual elephant walk was coming up. They unload the elephants from the train in Southeast D.C. and walk them the three miles or so to where the circus performs. So yesterday S.Vix and I were ready and waiting across the street from Union Station (about two miles along the route).

It was really kind of adorable - they walk holding onto the tail of the elephant in front of them, just like a bunch of kindergarteners holding hands on a field trip.

After the elephants came some horses, then some clowns in convertibles, and finally this guy bringing up the rear, although I can't imagine that those spinning brushes really do much for elephant poop other than, like, fling it around.

After the elephants went by I decided to try and catch them again as they arrived at the Verizon Center. I caught the metro at Union Station, rode two stops, speed-walked the block to the loading dock - and got there just in time to see the street sweeper. So I think that answers the question: Is it faster to take metro from Union Station to Gallery Place or ride an elephant?

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