Tuesday, March 25, 2008

small town

The exit at my metro stop is aaaallll the way at one end of the platform, so on the way home most people going here ride in the last car. I know a ton of people who live around here, so whenever I get on the train, I look around for anyone I know. I decided I have to be proactive about it after the second time I happened to be caught without a book, had an especially deadly boring ride, then realized at the end that someone I knew and would have enjoyed chatting with was sitting right near me.

You'd be surprised how often I find someone - a few weeks ago I saw a hand waving when I got on and it belonged to my Norwegian dance sister (people assume we're sisters - apparently we look that much alike). She'd just gotten back from Norway and we had a grand old chat about our respective European vacations. Tonight I'd been sitting there for a while when I realized a woman sitting across from me used to give me rides home from this choir I used to be in (with Tall L). Her son is in the same high school program I was in and is about to go on the awesome 10th grade trip.

It's nice when I find people to make up for my failure to carry reading material. Although I'll admit I'm less happy when I run into people in the morning, when the metro is silent as the tomb, any talking is against the unwritten rules, and I personally would rather be sleeping.

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