Thursday, December 27, 2007

ridiculous february adventures

Let's recap my ridiculous February adventures, shall we?

2007: Two weeks in Norway.
2006: A little under two weeks in Brazil.
2005: Three weeks in Mali and Morocco.
2004: Only five days in Switzerland, but my former employer paid for it, so it counts extra.
2003: I mistakenly took my February trip in Dec. 2002, to Japan. (This is when I was still living on an academic calendar.)
2002: Again, December of the previous year, Cambodia.

Well, I just bought my ticket for 2008's ridiculous February adventure, and it is to...Berlin! Ok, I realize Germany is one of the less exotic ridiculous February destinations. But I hope to spice things up by heading east to Poland. Hell, maybe I'll go crazy and head down to Prague. Expect to be bored by photographic evidence in this space, starting approximately three months from now! I expect to take a lot of pictures of slush. (Read this random website's assessment of Berlin's weather.)

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