Friday, December 28, 2007


I mildly annoy J.Chu whenever we go anywhere, because I basically always run into people I know. It happens when I'm not with J.Chu, too. I think I just know a lot of people, and they all go the same places as me.

So tonight Alsho and I went to see Juno, and as we're strolling up to the AFI, who do we see in line? J.Chu, who is yelling, "I saw you first! I saw you first! I saw someone I know!"

But the joke was on her, because I totally recognized her car (which she was driving at the time) in the parking garage, so technically, I saw *her* first and will now claim the sighting.

Juno was awesome, and you should go see it.


I Blog, You Blog said...

Wasn't it though?? I saw it on Thursday with my homeskillet Korben and we loved it! So fantastic...

Yay for good movies and for J.Chu getting her own whole post! :)

miss shirley said...

I heard Jamie Lynn Spears went to see it with her mom. How funny is that?