Thursday, March 30, 2006


The afternoon after the Carnaval parade - after a long time asleep - Brasileiro and I gave up on our plans to go see a dinosaur exhibit (really, much too tired). Instead, we went to see a game at Pacaembu, the stadium whose lights you can see from their apartment. It was the perfect way to recover from an exhausting night - sitting in the sun, watching the clouds drift in the light blue sky. Corinthians is one of the best teams in Brazil, and they won, like, 4-1 or something. It was some little team from the countryside of São Paulo, with about 50 fans.

I heard all my swear word vocabulary. Boy, was it educational. Brasileiro was like, see? I told you I was teaching you real Portuguese.

If you're a fan of The Amazing Race, this stadium was the pit stop on the first episode of this series. It aired the night I got back - I was so excited to see the teams tooling around São Paulo!

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