Saturday, November 03, 2007

omigod you guys

Today my editor told me there's a song in Legally Blonde (the musical) called "Omigod You Guys." The context: After seeing U2 3D this morning, pretty much the only thing I could say when I went to her office to give her the recap was "Oh my god. Oh my god." She suggested that we should change the text of my story about it to "Awesome. Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. Awesome." I think that's a fine idea - there's not very much space for the text anyway, might as well write something accurate.

So, yeah, it was awesome, and I totally can't wait for it to come out so everybody can see it. This was a rough cut - the final version is 25 minutes longer, with five more songs and 10 times more awesomeness, plus it'll be on IMAX. I'm thinking about scheduling my birthday party for mid-late January in an IMAX theater, and you're all invited.

It's truly amazing - it's 3D, but it's done some new way, not red and blue. You still need special glasses, but you don't get a headache. And it doesn't feel gimmicky - it feels like a completely natural way to watch a concert film. You get to fly around the stage and see Larry's little table with a box of tissues and a glass of juice, and the Edge (I love the Edge) playing his piano during Miss Sarajevo, and Bono rocking his Bono thing, and, basically, it is 100 percent awesome.

The film was shot on their Latin American tour last year, and while the only cities I'm sure they used footage from are Buenos Aires and Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Santiago were mentioned in the credits. So it's possible I'm way back in one of the audience shots somewhere.

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