Sunday, November 04, 2007

not so good guys

Holy cow! Tonight I was driving to Norwegian dancing and a bunch of firetrucks and police cars passed me, and it turned out Wisconsin Ave (major thoroughfare) was closed off. There was a big ol truck with its ladder up and everything. These things are usually way less dramatic than they seem, of course, but when I went by again three hours later, there were still lots of emergency vehicles. Turns out it was this. Yikes!


Sarah Moffett said...

Never a dull moment in D.C.

Seriously, the WPost story made my skin crawl. No puns intended. I wonder if they have caught the jerk yet.

On a wholly tangential note, "Norwegian dancing"? You so have to elaborate.

towwas said...

Yeah, it's one of my more ridiculous hobbies. See a video here, taken at one of these monthly parties:

And one of many blog posts about my trip to Norway in February:

J.Bro said...

The story doesn't say whether the liquid he threw happened to be flammable and happened to catch fire, or whether it was lit on purpose. Both scary, but the second is degrees of magnitude worse.