Thursday, October 25, 2007

u2 3d

So. Exciting: I'm seeing U2 3D at a screening tomorrow. I can't even tell you how exciting this is. Ok, it's really, really exciting. It's just the one-hour version they showed at Cannes - the final version is supposed to be 80 minutes - but that's ok, because it means I'll be perfectly justified in seeing it again when it comes out. I *have* to go again, 'cause the first time it was incomplete. See? (Unfortunately, no guests are allowed at this screening. Sorry.)

UPDATE, five hours later: Swap that jealousy for schadenfreude. The theater's 3D projector is broken, so the screening was canceled! Augh!!!!!!!!


Spice said...

Augh, indeed! You'll just have to wait until we go in January!!!

towwas said...

Well, they say they're going to reschedule it. [Grmble. Grmblegrmblegrmble.] But hyeah, I'm definitely still seeing it in January.

Coloradan said...

Did you fire your gun into the air in frustration?

(Ok, that's more Frank's joke then mine. Hot Fuzz, in case you didn't catch the reference.)