Tuesday, October 23, 2007

belle isle

I only like blogging when I'm in a good mood, and tonight I'm grouchy as hell. So instead of witty blogginess, you will instead have this nature picture to enjoy:

It's not actually nature, it's from the conservatory at this place, which I highly recommend if you're ever in Detroit (ha!) with a car (there is no other way to be in Detroit) and need somewhere to go hang out for an afternoon. The whole island has a decrepit Victorian pleasure park feel to it.

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J.Bro said...

Why such a grumpy-gus? Whoooo's a li'l grumpy-gus - oooohhhhh, yes, you are, aren't you?

**Oh, hey, look at this new "e-mail updates to me, the commenter" option!