Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm dumb

The scene: Dearborn, Michigan. After lunch. I'm walking off with my dad, having just been dropped off by J.Vo and A.Vo. Suddenly, I remember something.
Me: [running back] Wait! Wait! We have to take a feet picture!
J.Vo: Even though there's just two of us?
Me: Yeah, even though you're not a blogger and it's just two of us.
J.Vo: I'm a blogger.
Me: What? Where? [panicked - does J.Vo have a blog and I don't read it?]
J.Vo: You read it and leave comments all the time!!
Me: Oh! I- wait. Oh!

Seriously. The best I can come up with is that, in my brain, the actual person of J.Vo and the blog of J.Vo are somehow separate entities. And while part of my brain realized that a foot picture was required, the other part had no idea what we were doing. Maybe it's early dementia. Sigh. Also, see that stain? I need new sneakers in a big way.


J-Vo said...

I wouldn't be too had on yourself...I have a list of some of the dumbest things you've said in my vicinity over the past 14 years, and that one doesn't even come close to breaking the top ten. :)

towwas said...

:P Well, *I* heard that Milwaukee is like, yeah, and Green Bay is like, whatever.

Sarah Moffett said...

A friend who keeps tabs on the 14 dumbest things you've ever said. Now there is true kindness and support when you need it. I have got to get myself one of those lists...

J-Vo said...

Is he James?

Because then he would be James Brown!

towwas said...

J.Vo, you should totally blog that list. I don't know if I still have a copy, and the world needs to know how funny we are when we're dumb.

That would be, like, a C-60 Buckyball!

J-Vo said...

Put a sweater on! It's chilly outside!

I'll try to find the list...