Friday, October 05, 2007


Well, U2's publicist did not get back to me this week, so I think Joshua Bell is going to have to continue to be my #1 celebrity interview. Actually, my only celebrity interview, unless you get excited about prominent scientists. Ok...and none of them have really been all that prominent. No E.O. Wilson or anything.

Anyway, I'm not all that bummed, because really, if I did talk to Bono (or The Edge, my preferred band member), I'd just want to tell him how awesome he is and tell him about how I bought a ticket to Hawaii, then he didn't play there, and that was a bummer. I'm just happy that I got up the nerve to even e-mail the publicist - and many thanks to Kay Ray for googling up her contact info for me.

So all is forgiven. They can cancel concerts and ignore me via their publicity machine, but I'm still DYING to see U2 3D. Spice, we are SO ON.


I Blog, You Blog said...

I told you, I think, that M.Far in NYC wound up doing a show of them for MTV or something, right? I don't know what you're angle is, but he might have another in, if you wanted it...

Spice said...

U2 3D - WOO!!!