Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ok, this hasn't happened in weeks: yesterday I got through my whole to-do post-it at work! Then today...I did it again! I swear the window in my office is good for my productivity. It is so wrong that people have to work in windowless offices. Now that I'm not actually living it every day, I don't have to pretend it's not so bad. It totally sucks. A bad day is so much worse when it involves no natural light.

Of course, the machinations give and the machinations take away, so who knows if this is permanent. hopes are high!


erin*carly said...

you should see my weekly to-do-list. it's now spanning the front and heading onto the back of a 8.5 x 5.5 notebook. i've yet to complete every task on it, but i've gotten close!

this reminds me of my they've gotten a bit crazier-looking lately, too. good thing i love my job, huh.

erin*carly said...
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erin*carly said...

okay, HTML doesn't like the word "timesheet" or something. but that's the missing word. sorry for making a mess of your comments. :)