Thursday, October 11, 2007

stripey street

Tonight on our way to drink with N.Lu, S.Vix was alarmed when I suddenly started digging for my camera. She thought I'd lost the camera; in fact, I was just really excited about this street. (That's the National Archives, in case anyone else wants to go find the stripes.)

But the much, much more exciting visual thing that happened today was this: I got my old office back. When I started at my new employer six months ago (not so new anymore, is it?), I got a beautiful window office, and I was in heaven. Heaven, I tell you. Suddenly, the world had sky and clouds and weather and birds and other things that I never used to see. Then after six weeks, due to various ridiculous political machinations, I was moved to an interior office/sensory deprivation chamber. Now, four months later, the machinations have put me back where I started. And it is good.


grrrbear said...

Hey congrats! Who'd you have to find incriminating photos of to get the good office back?

J.Bro said...

Hoorah for machinations! (And hoorah for underhanded dealings and backroom shakedowns)(one assumes)!

towwas said...

Fortunately for my conscience, I was but a tiny cog in the great machinations of politics.