Saturday, October 13, 2007

denim blogger moment

This morning when I got off the metro, I'd walked about halfway to the escalator when I heard this voice behind me calling, "Miss! Miss!" I looked back - maybe I'd left something - and realized it was the train operator, leaning out of her little window. I pointed at myself. Me? Yes. So I walked all the way back, wondering if she was going to, like, ask me to tell the station manager she was being train-jacked, and she said, "I just wanted to ask you, where did you get those jeans?" I told her (Ann Taylor Loft - take that, denim snobs) and she said, "They're cute" and drove off.

I'd been told before that these jeans look good on me, but it was by people like Miss Shirley who are nice to me anyway. It was pretty cool to hear it from a stranger.


grrrbear said...

Sweet! That's like getting a "nice ass" from a construction worker, right?

towwas said...

Right, except she was female and wanted the jeans for herself, and also didn't make me want to go over and push her off a building. :)

J.Bro said...

Yeah, but other than those differences, she was basically wolf-whistling and "heeeey, baby"ing you.

Nice stacking on the hems - I think it's so unflattering when women (and men, but I'm whistling at you right now) wear jeans that hit their shoes with just a small (or no) break. Ugh. Unless it's some tiny hipster alterna-grrrl and they're very tight tapered jeans.

How many more months before you wash those?

towwas said...

Heh. Yeah, these get washed regularly. Will you still speak to me?